Health recovery and achievement of sports longevity of professional sportsmen.

Modern professional sports make the highest demands to health of sportsmen. The maximum achievements in sport are possible at a limiting pressure of an organism and an involvement more often is one-stage its all reserves. These stressful influences for an organism essentially exhaust the person and finally lead to occurrence of chronic diseases, the general decrease in a level of health, and in some cases to physical inability and reduction of life expectancy. And in the most tragical cases, — death on trainings or competitions.

Professional sports for preservation of health of sportsmen and increase in sports longevity demand active professional modern medical maintenance and rehabilitation actions at all stages of sports career and after its end. We develop a unique complex technique of preservation of sports longevity and health which includes:

  • Medical maintenance of professional sportsmen during their preparation and participation in responsible competitions: superiority of the country, stages of the Cup of the World, the world championships and the Europe, preparation for Olympic Games.
  • The analysis of modern methods of increase of working capacity and preservation of health in professional sports.
  • Rehabilitation support of professional sportsmen during a sports season and in inter-season period.
  • Participation in development of modes of trainings, rest and a feed of commands and separate sportsmen.
  • Introduction in practice of use in the big sports of the most effective and during too time of harmless modern methods of increase of working capacity and preservation of health of sportsmen of the top skills.
  • Dynamic supervision of sportsmen with use of various methods of computer diagnostics of a condition of an organism.
  • Rehabilitation actions and employment aikido for the professional sportsmen who have finished performances in the big sports.

In the practice we use following most effective methods of diagnostics and rehabilitation:

  • Hypno Rhytmo Oxy Therapy (HROT)
  • Computer research of aura
  • Computer pulse diagnostics
  • Myorelaxaciontion tractiontion therapy
  • Mezotherapy
  • Hyrudotherapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Manipulation, hiropractice
  • Acupuncture, jen-cziu therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Trans conditions — modern methods of psychotherapy